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Over the years I've come to realize that writing and gardening have a great deal in common. Both are solitary pursuits. Both can be extremely rewarding and incredibly frustrating. Both can foster tremendous success and smashing failure - sometimes within the same day.

David Austin and me
There is a special anticipation that accompanies the start of each new project, a combination of excitement and dread that comes from not knowing exactly how things will turn out. There is the endless task of editing, whether it is chopping a paragraph or shovel pruning a disappointing rose. There are the hours of painstaking, meticulous work that others never witness.

Mostly, writers and gardeners share the challenge of starting with nothing, a blank page or a bare patch of earth, and hoping the mixture of creativity and elbow grease will result in something special.

I am a writer by trade and a gardener by choice. I cannot imagine life without words or weeds. Therefore it only seemed sensible that my web page be a marriage of both my loves. I've put together a collection of my work from magazine and newspaper articles to a radio spot that won national and international awards. My English cottage garden is here too along with some tips for raising great roses. Visit "Getting off the Ground" for the latest dirt on new projects including books on oldies song lyrics and David Austin Roses (that's me with the English rose guru at his UK nursery.) Then click on the “About Me” button to check out my credentials as a writer for clients ranging from the Discovery Channel to the National Football League.

Stay awhile, come back and visit often. Like a garden, a home page should be a work in progress. Hopefully you'll always find something new in bloom here.

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