In his book From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor, Jerry Delia Femina wrote that advertising was the most fun you could have with your clothes on. After almost twenty years in the business I can confirm that Jerry was absolutely right. What other business pays you to sit in a nice cushy office and think creative thoughts? Not that a career in advertising is a cakewalk, mind you. Come up with a string of skunky, ineffective creative thoughts and your fanny will be out of that cushy chair in a hurry. A copywriter is only as good as the last great headline, slogan, radio spot or TV campaign.

That's where I've been so lucky. I've worked for some great agencies that would settle for nothing less than killer creative. As a result, I've been fortunate enough to win dozens of national and international awards, including the London International Advertising Award, the International Advertising Festival of New York, Clio, national ADDY, Pinnacle, Art Director's Club of New York, The International Film & TV Festival of New York, the International Radio Festival and the One Show. I've also been named one of the top healthcare writers in the country.

Of course, clients judge advertising by results, not awards. In my career I've found that thoughtful planning and targeted creative result in everyone being happy. A hospital TV spot I wrote and helped produce called The Dancer won awards here and in Europe. At the same time, the positive image generated by the commercial surpassed even the client's expectations. The radio spot on this site won awards and saved lives, even the life of a former boss who wasn't sure if he was experiencing indigestion or a heart attack. Give it a listen.

If you like what you hear and see, perhaps I could help with your next campaign. Maybe your creative needs some fresh thinking. Maybe your healthcare advertising program could benefit from a second opinion. If so, just give me a call. I'm available on a freelance basis by the hour, the day or the project. It doesn't matter whether your clients sell stocks or stockings. Over the years I've worked on all kinds of accounts including Discovery Communications, South Carolina National Bank, Stauffer Chemicals, Colonial Williamsburg, the Orlando Sentinel, Sentara Health Systems, Omni Hotels and the National Football League on ESPN. Just get in touch by phone or e-mail and let me know what you have in mind.

Then let's get together and have some fun.

Click on ad to hear radio spot.